Astrological Almanac for Sunday, January 23, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

After dawn today, social contacts may experience some tension as the Moon in Libra squares Venus (Libra’s ruler) in Capricorn. This tension could be between what’s expected or what’s already been committed to, and what we (or another person) would prefer to do.

By late afternoon and evening, the environment is excellent for planning, making or fulfilling long-term commitments, and taking on new responsibilities. You may also receive some recognition for work you’ve done already. However, do remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so while it’s a good time to make plans, be sure to double check all details.

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Weekly Context Post:

23 Jan 2022 14:21 Mon Sqr Ven 11°Li42′ 11°Cp42′

23 Jan 2022 19:25 Mon Tri Sat 14°Li31′ 14°Aq31′

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