Astrological Almanac for Sunday, January 29, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

The Sun trines Mars today while Mercury trines Uranus. This gives a high-energy boost to the whole day, and could even offer some flashes of inspiration. See the Weekly Post for more.

For much of the day, however, we may struggle with the small things, and have to make adjustments if we want to move forward. If you have planets in the last 10 degrees of fixed signs (especially Taurus and Aquarius), this is more likely to affect you specifically.

At 3:34 tomorrow morning, the Moon enters Gemini, making the beginning of the week a talkative one, especially since Luna will head toward conjoining Mars there on Monday night.

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Weekly Context Post:

29 Jan 2023 15:01 Mon Sxt Nep 23°Ta32′ 23°Pi32′

29 Jan 2023 19:03 Mon Sqr Sat 25°Ta36′ 25°Aq36′

29 Jan 2023 20:45 Sun Tri Mar 09°Aq53′ 09°Ge53′

29 Jan 2023 21:16 Mer Tri Ura 14°Cp57′ 14°Ta57′

30 Jan 2023 00:51 Mon Tri Plu 28°Ta36′ 28°Cp36′

30 Jan 2023 03:34 Mon Cnj Gem 00°Ge00′ 00°Ge00′

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