Astrological Almanac for Sunday, July 17, 2022

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The Sun trines Neptune today, and the Moon conjoins the planet (and therefore also trines the Sun), making it perfect for engaging/indulging in some light fantasy. It’s a good day for art and any other creative activity, especially if it applies to your career or greater goals. Overnight, Mercury opposes Pluto, so we should continue to expect revelations of information and the switching of sides in battles.

Venus enters Cancer today to stay for a few weeks, and though she’s not totally at home here, she’s not too uncomfortable. Both she and the sign are occupied with taking care of self and others, and the only real danger is indulging too deeply in the emotional side of things.

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Weekly Context Post:

17 Jul 2022 11:00 Mon Sxt Ura 18°Pi20′ 18°Ta20′

17 Jul 2022 18:55 Sun Tri Nep 25°Cn20′ 25°Pi20′

17 Jul 2022 21:32 Ven Cnj Can 00°Cn00′ 00°Cn00′

17 Jul 2022 23:06 Mon Cnj Nep 25°Pi20′ 25°Pi20′

17 Jul 2022 23:25 Mon Tri Sun 25°Pi31′ 25°Cn31′

18 Jul 2022 02:39 Mon Tri Mer 27°Pi22′ 27°Cn22′

18 Jul 2022 02:42 Mon Sxt Plu 27°Pi23′ 27°Cp23′

18 Jul 2022 03:00 Mer Opp Plu 27°Cn23′ 27°Cp23′

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