Astrological Almanac for Sunday, June 25, 2023

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Astrological Almanac for Sunday, June 25, 2023

(All times Eastern)

Mercury squares Neptune today, so if you’ve been having glitches with technology and communications, look no further. Mars squares Uranus before dawn tomorrow, making today a good day to beware of accidents. See the Weekly Post for more.

The Moon and Neptune collaborate with the fuzziness of the Mercury-Neptune square, deepening the confusion. But it may be a good time for fantasy and art.

At 6:57pm, the Moon enters Libra, and then overnight squares the Sun for the first quarter. This is going to make us seek balance, but it may be impossible to find until at least tomorrow, given all the other things going on.

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Weekly Context Post:

25 Jun 2023 13:25 Mon Sqr Mer 27°Vi13′ 27°Ge13′

25 Jun 2023 14:20 Mon Opp Nep 27°Vi40′ 27°Pi40′

25 Jun 2023 18:24 Mon Tri Plu 29°Vi43′ 29°Cp43′

25 Jun 2023 18:35 Mer Sqr Nep 27°Ge40′ 27°Pi40′

25 Jun 2023 18:57 Mon Cnj Lib 00°Li00′ 00°Li00′

26 Jun 2023 03:49 Mon Sqr Sun 04°Li29′ 04°Cn29′

26 Jun 2023 05:22 Mar Sqr Ura 21°Le29′ 21°Ta29′

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