Astrological Almanac for Sunday, March 31, 2024

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Astrological Almanac for Sunday, March 31, 2024

(All times Eastern)

Through mid afternoon may be a little prickly, and we might need to adjust how we relate to others. The rest of the afternoon is good for communications, so we can clean up any issues lingering from the morning. But Mercury is stationing retrograde, so don’t try to do any heavy lifting. At 12:05am Monday, the Moon enters Capricorn, bringing a serious, responsible focus to the beginning of the week.

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Weekly Context Post:

31 Mar 2024 14:05 Mon Sqr Ven 24°Sg32′ 24°Pi32′

31 Mar 2024 18:54 Mon Tri Mer 27°Sg09′ 27°Ar09′

31 Mar 2024 20:15 Mon Sqr Nep 27°Sg54′ 27°Pi54′

1 Apr 2024 00:05 Mon Cnj Cap 00°Cp00′ 00°Cp00′

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