Astrological Almanac for Sunday, May 23, 2021

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Saturn turns retrograde at 5:18 am. Unlike the inner planets, Saturn’s being retrograde is fairly normal, since he spends about 5 months of every year in that condition. Still, folks who have a lot of personal placements (especially Ascendant, Sun, and/or Moon) in Capricorn and/or Aquarius may feel a bit of a slowing down until October, when he’s direct again. It’s not the same level of reversal and obstacles as when an inner planet like Mercury or Venus go retrograde, especially since Saturn by nature is slow anyway. But you may need longer to accomplish goals this summer.

The Moon flows nicely with Mercury this morning, which should start the process of gaining some clarity following the recent Mercury-Neptune square; but it will just be a beginning, so don’t rush headlong into any new long-term contracts.

The afternoon could see some minor power struggles as Luna squares Pluto. A sense of imbalance may permeate the evening hours as well as weird feelings and tensions that are hard to identify. There may be some resolution to these now, or not.

At 11:00 pm, the Moon enters Scorpio, continuing the likelihood of some “weird feelings.” The beginning of the week may feel emotionally intense, and drama may pop up in areas where there is stress. This is mitigated somewhat tonight by Luna’s trine to Jupiter, which will be a few hours of nice energy flow and optimism before she gets fully ensconced in Scorpio.

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