Astrological Almanac for Sunday, November 28, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The Sun and Mercury conjoin just before midnight late on Sunday. When a planet is close to the Sun, it’s considered ineffective, since the Sun “burns up” that planet’s energy/influence, except for when the planet is within 17’ or arc (about a quarter of a degree) from being exactly conjunct the Sun, when it’s basically super charged. It’s said to stand at the heart of the Sun, and the Sun energizes it. This will happen from about 11:30 am Sunday through about 11:30 am on Monday. So this is a great time to get Mercury things done while in the middle of a weird Mercury period. Write the letters and emails, study, communicate important things, put something up for sale or buy something technological (cyber Monday before 11 am, for example).

The first part of the day otherwise has a fairly nice energy, good for social meetings or for self-care. Overall, the day should be fairly good.

At 3:54 am tomorrow, the Moon enters Libra, becoming a little less critical and carrying the social vibe into the beginning of the week.

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Weekly Context Post:

28 Nov 2021 08:14 Mon Tri Ven 18°Vi58′ 18°Cp58′

28 Nov 2021 09:36 Mon Sxt Mar 19°Vi43′ 19°Sc43′

28 Nov 2021 10:49 Mon Opp Nep 20°Vi24′ 20°Pi24′

28 Nov 2021 19:02 Mon Tri Plu 24°Vi59′ 24°Cp59′

28 Nov 2021 23:39 Sun Cnj Mer 07°Sg10′ 07°Sg10′

29 Nov 2021 03:54 Mon Cnj Lib 00°Li00′ 00°Li00′

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