Astrological Almanac for Sunday, October 31, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The day has a couple of contrary aspects, though they are likely to affect different folks. For those with planets/points in the last part of Air Signs (especially Libra and Aquarius), this is probably a day of good judgment and sound decision-making. This energy will last into tomorrow, too.

For those with planets in the last part of Mutable signs (specifically Virgo and Pisces), it’s just the opposite: potential confusion, over-stimulation of senses, hyper-sensitivity, and feelings of insecurity. And precisely not a good time for major decisions. This aspect gains strength after noon and goes through the night, but should fade by tomorrow morning. Try to use the extra-psychic abilities this brings for the benefit of yourself and others without any accompanying paranoia and self doubt.

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31 Oct 2021 13:32 Mon Tri Ura 12°Vi57′ 12°Ta57′

1 Nov 2021 00:18 Mer Tri Jup 22°Li39′ 22°Aq39′

1 Nov 2021 03:04 Mon Opp Nep 20°Vi39′ 20°Pi39′

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