Astrological Almanac for Sunday, September 5, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

Venus challenges Pluto late tonight, which gives the backdrop for the day. There may be strong biological urges felt now, as well as sexual tension and jealousy present. This can be an obsessive aspect, so watch yourself now. This is all happening at 24º of cardinal signs (Libra/Capricorn & to a lesser degree Aries/Cancer), so if you have points there, this may affect you more directly.

The Moon and Venus cooperate this morning in dramatic, outward-facing signs, so early morning is a good time to show off new clothes or your makeover. It may also spark feelings of love and attraction, which may be setting the scene for the Venus-Pluto connection (for those affected by it).

In the mid-morning, Luna and Jupiter conspire to overdo just about everything, again in a flashy way.

At 7:05pm, the Moon jumps of the stage and goes behind the scenes, moving from Leo to Virgo. We may feel a calming/coming down and it may be the quietest evening of the weekend.

A lot of aspects (lunar and planetary) are up early in the coming week, and will be covered in a Weekly Context post. Stay tuned.

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