Astrological Almanac for Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Astrological Almanac for Thursday, April 11, 2024

(All times Eastern)

Mercury retrogrades right up to the Sun today. For the afternoon and evening, there may be a bit of relief from the effects of the retrograde. By tomorrow, Mercury will be back to their wonky retrograde self. See the Weekly Post for more.

The Moon enters Gemini at 8:58am, which is Mercury’s sign. Given the positive effects of Mercury’s tight conjunction with the Sun today, we should have a decent overall day. Now’s the time to do all the detailed things that have been problematic during the retrograde.

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Weekly Context Post:

Weekly Context Post:

11 Apr 2024 06:03 Mon Sxt Nep 28°Ta17′ 28°Pi17′

11 Apr 2024 08:58 Mon Cnj Gem 00°Ge00′ 00°Ge00′

11 Apr 2024 12:22 Mon Tri Plu 01°Ge59′ 01°Aq59′

11 Apr 2024 19:02 Sun Cnj Mer 22°Ar32′ 22°Ar32′

11 Apr 2024 23:47 Mon Sxt Ven 08°Ge38′ 08°Ar38′

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