Astrological Almanac for Thursday, August 18, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Venus-Jupiter connection lingers through the day, providing a backdrop of good feeling, even as the Moon makes a boatload of variable aspects today.

The early morning can feel inspirational like lightning in a bottle, and we may feel super expressive. But after noon and through the mid afternoon, obstacles jump up from all over the place. So make good use of the morning and don’t get too concerned if frustrations arise later.

Things ease out a bit toward the early evening, and the fourth quarter Moon is at 12:36am, bidding us to let go of whatever is still hanging around our necks right now for our short term goals.

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Weekly Context Post:

18 Aug 2022 10:19 Mon Cnj Ura 18°Ta54′ 18°Ta54′

18 Aug 2022 15:33 Mon Sqr Sat 21°Ta35′ 21°Aq35′

18 Aug 2022 15:37 Mon Tri Mer 21°Ta37′ 21°Vi37′

18 Aug 2022 21:48 Mon Sxt Nep 24°Ta46′ 24°Pi46′

19 Aug 2022 00:36 Mon Sqr Sun 26°Ta12′ 26°Le12′

19 Aug 2022 01:31 Mon Tri Plu 26°Ta40′ 26°Cp40′

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