Astrological Almanac for Thursday, December 31, 2020

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The background influence all day today and tomorrow is Mercury cooperating with Neptune to dream up some amazing fantasy and non-reality. Just make sure that you’re clear what’s real and what isn’t.

Early this morning, the Moon squares Mars, both from their own signs. This is likely to add a note of confrontation to the first part of the day, especially if we are debating emotional or personal issues.

Just before 2pm, Luna moves into Leo, where she encourages us to show our emotions rather than be alone with them. But later she opposes Saturn then Jupiter, which could point those emotions to feelings of isolation and standing alone, possibly confronted by other. Have your shields up and try to tread gently when dealing with others.

Overnight the Moon squares Uranus, instilling the urge to break out of old habits and kill the patriarchy. If you act now, remember the fantasy element that pervades these few days.

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