Astrological Almanac for Thursday, February 16, 2023

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The Sun catches up to Saturn today. When planets are within about 8 degrees of the Sun, they are considered ‘combust’ (burned up) and either hidden in their actions or fairly ineffective. In order to be fully effective, they should ideally be at least 15 degrees from the Sun. However, when a planet is in their own sign, their combust status is largely mitigated. So we haven’t seen major problems with Saturn things this week (responsibility, boundaries, structures, discipline, etc.). That said, when a planet is within a quarter degree from the Sun, it’s considered ‘cazimi’ – in some traditions this makes it supercharged, but others consider it merely a mitigation of the combust status.

We are likely now to be focused on responsibilities and taking on obligations (Saturn), especially in a professional setting (Sun). See the Weekly post for more.

The Moon squares Jupiter for much of the day, giving a skewed set of what’s possible and tempting us to take on too much or try too hard. So beware of this until at least late afternoon.

Late tonight, Luna’s trine to Uranus gives us a feeling of freedom and some independence, without being totally isolated from the group.

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Weekly Context Post:

16 Feb 2023 11:48 Sun Cnj Sat 27°Aq44′ 27°Aq44′

16 Feb 2023 15:10 Mon Sqr Jup 09°Cp13′ 09°Ar13′

17 Feb 2023 00:55 Mon Tri Ura 15°Cp13′ 15°Ta13′

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