Astrological Almanac for Thursday, February 24, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

Today Venus is exactly sextile Neptune (with Mars joining in). Mercury also squares Uranus exactly tonight. These two aspects are somewhat contradictory, one urging self-care and enjoyment, the other offering mental agitation and unrest. They are fairly separate configurations, not really interacting with one another. So you are likely to feel whichever more closely affects your own birth chart. See the Weekly Post for more details.

The Moon and Saturn work together to help us plan and focus on practical matters. Tonight may seem a bit more emotionally heavy, and dreams may be less than pleasant, especially earlier in the night.

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Weekly Context Post:

24 Feb 2022 11:03 Ven Sxt Nep 22°Cp14′ 22°Pi14′

24 Feb 2022 15:44 Mon Sxt Sat 18°Sg19′ 18°Aq19′

24 Feb 2022 21:21 Mer Sqr Ura 11°Aq25′ 11°Ta25′

24 Feb 2022 22:24 Mon Sqr Nep 22°Sg15′ 22°Pi15′

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