Astrological Almanac for Thursday, July 21, 2022

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The Sun-Pluto opposition is fading, but we may still feel some tension for a few more days. Today especially may be challenging as the Moon conjoins Mars at noon and then Uranus after midnight. This is likely to ramp up all possible energy for the first half of the day, but with Mars in Taurus, we need to be careful of not overdoing things, but also not to be careless. It’s a good day to move physically, but where necessary, take safety precautions. The second part of the day could spin out of control, if we’re not careful. Be ready for upsets and reversals, especially among long-patterned habits, creature comforts, and food choices.

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Weekly Context Post:

21 Jul 2022 12:06 Mon Cnj Mar 11°Ta16′ 11°Ta16′

22 Jul 2022 02:13 Mon Cnj Ura 18°Ta28′ 18°Ta28′

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