Astrological Almanac for Thursday, July 29, 2021

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The Mars opposition to Jupiter today could bring about a certain ambivalence toward effort vs. leisure. We may be torn between the couch and potato chips, on the one hand, and the gym and office on the other. See the weekly context post for more details.

Either way, Mars soon exits Leo and moves into Virgo. More immediately, the effects of the opposition to Jupiter are likely to fade faster than they normally would, since Mars has stepped into a different room, so to speak, even though the two planets are still within orb of the opposition. It’s sort of like arguing with someone and one of you steps into the next room and closes the door. You can still hear each other shouting, but it’s far more muted.

Mars will remain here until the middle of September. He’ll help with precision and incisive thought and action. If this affects your own chart directly, you may find yourself far more critical than normal for the rest of the summer. But you may also find that you get a lot done.

The Moon makes no aspects today, and continues to coast through Aries, offering some vision and inspiration.

Weekly Context Post:

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