Astrological Almanac for Thursday, March 16, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Today has a lot of action and may feel super busy. First, a number of this week’s planetary aspects are exact: Mercury conjoins Neptune, Venus squares Pluto, and Mercury squares Mars. See the Weekly Post for details on this, but the energy overall is likely to feel fuzzy, unclear, and frustrating for a lot of folks.

The morning starts with a sense of overdoing things, and not wanting to align too closely with others. At 6:34pm, Venus enters her home sign of Taurus, shifting some energies around relationships and art to a more grounded, pragmatic focus. More in the Weekly Post.

Overnight, things may start to feel a bit better, though the planetary aspects will take a couple of days to completely separate.

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Weekly Context Post:

16 Mar 2023 10:16 Mon Sqr Jup 15°Cp27′ 15°Ar27′

16 Mar 2023 11:21 Mon Tri Ura 16°Cp05′ 16°Ta05′

16 Mar 2023 13:12 Mer Cnj Nep 25°Pi08′ 25°Pi08′

16 Mar 2023 14:09 Sun Sqr Mar 25°Pi53′ 25°Ge53′

16 Mar 2023 15:58 Ven Sqr Plu 29°Ar52′ 29°Cp52′

16 Mar 2023 18:34 Ven Cnj Tau 00°Ta00′ 00°Ta00′

17 Mar 2023 00:48 Mer Sqr Mar 26°Pi05′ 26°Ge05′

17 Mar 2023 02:26 Mon Sxt Nep 25°Cp09′ 25°Pi09′

17 Mar 2023 04:27 Mon Sxt Mer 26°Cp23′ 26°Pi23′

17 Mar 2023 04:37 Mon Sxt Sun 26°Cp29′ 26°Pi29′

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