Astrological Almanac for Thursday, March 31, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Moon sinks into the Sun, catching up to Mercury first, late this evening, and then the Sun after midnight for the New Moon.

The Aries New Moon has an obvious fiery energy to it, and it’s not making hard aspects to any other planets, which will likely mean a slightly less stressful month. Set for the East Coast, the Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction is in the fourth house, indicating a lot of time spent on domestic concerns. This will also be true nationally, with the capital city on the East Coast. Foreign affairs will continue to be a concern – represented by Virgo on the 9th house and therefore ruled by the Mercury which is combust (burned up) by the Sun. But the main focus shifts to domestic policy (and likely how the state of foreign affairs affects the domestic one).

In all, it’s a decent chart for this lunar cycle.

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31 Mar 2022 22:34 Mon Cnj Mer 09°Ar24′ 09°Ar24′

1 Apr 2022 02:24 Mon Cnj Sun 11°Ar30′ 11°Ar30′

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