Astrological Almanac for Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Today’s big aspect (at 10:27 pm EST) is Mercury conjoining Jupiter. Mercury is almost up to speed again after its recent retrograde, and here in Aquarius the two planets are likely to make for a day or two of good judgement and clear thinking. They both do fairly well in this sign, so even though they are of opposite nature in many ways (Mercury focusing on detail, Jupiter seeing the big picture is just one), this is a nice conjunction, that echoes back to February 14, when Mercury, then retrograde, met up with Jupiter. It happened also on January 11 before Mercury’s retrograde. So you may have some reflections of what was going on those days.

At 5:42pm the Moon enters Sagittarius, opposing Mars (recently entered into Gemini). This could mark some flare-ups of seemingly random anger or of a flurry of unfocused activity.

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