Astrological Almanac for Thursday, November 26, 2020

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The morning sees the Moon square Pluto. It’s good to get the potential power struggles behind us before breakfast on this holiday (in the USA).

The larger context today is the overnight (into Friday) Mercury sextile to Pluto. Again, as yesterday, this may set the scene for some serious family/friend discussions around power dynamics. It’s a little less prickly than yesterday’s aspects, so if you go easy, you may be able to maneuver through it without any real damage, and maybe with some new understanding.

However, Venus opposes Uranus tomorrow, and we’ll start to feel the tension already. This is a classic push-pull between on the one hand, wanting to belong to an intimate group, or searching for an intimate relationship, and on the other, needing to maintain independence and individuality. Try to tread lightly now.

Then Luna traces a typical Thanksgiving route:

She squares Jupiter in the early-mid afternoon, urging us to hugely overindulge.

She then squares Saturn in the early evening, pointing out to us our own regret.

Then at 10:42pm, the Moon enters Taurus, where she’ll encourage us to engage in creature comforts through the first part of the weekend (read: couch and leftovers).

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