Astrological Almanac for Thursday, November 4, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The morning especially may feel like we’re being blocked by others, and that the world is standing in our way. The New Moon is at 5:14 pm in Scorpio. It’s an excellent time to hide things or work in secret. The Moon-Sun conjunction is square Saturn and tightly opposite Uranus, so the month may continue to feel pulled in two directions: on the one hand, tradition and the old ways of doing things are keeping us from moving forward, while on the other, we have a deep urge to throw it all over a cliff and start anew.

Overnight, things may seem just a wee bit calmer, and it’s a good night overall for dreaming.

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4 Nov 2021 08:45 Mon Sqr Sat 07°Sc22′ 07°Aq22′

4 Nov 2021 17:14 Mon Cnj Sun 12°Sc40′ 12°Sc40′

4 Nov 2021 17:25 Mon Opp Ura 12°Sc47′ 12°Ta47′

4 Nov 2021 19:57 Sun Opp Ura 12°Sc47′ 12°Ta47′

5 Nov 2021 05:53 Mon Tri Nep 20°Sc35′ 20°Pi35′

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