Astrological Almanac for Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Early in the day, the Moon and Mars gang up for some frustrating energy that may make it difficult to control anger. As the day goes on, this starts to fade a bit as Luna flows with Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter, but it may linger.

At 6:59pm ET the Sun enters Scorpio, marking the middle of the autumn in the north. With Scorpio, there is a natural turn inwards to deep dreaming and preparing for the winter. It’s a time to gather in (Scorpio is a fixed sign) on both an emotional and physical level, and release what has passed or what we no longer need, in order to get through the dark, cold months ahead.

Later tonight, the Moon flows with Virgo in Earth signs, making it a decent time for creature comforts and creativity. But Luna also conjoins Saturn later, so don’t buy into guilt – relaxation and recovery are necessary and good.

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