Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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In quiet news, Pluto turns retrograde today, until October. He spends about half of every year retrograde, so this is really part of the normal experience. Pluto represents major power structures, potentially abusive situations, obsession (think of the myth of Pluto/Hades and Proserpina/Persephone), unseen or hidden things (think Underworld), and more. So we might think of this as Pluto returning to the Underworld, and whereas so many hidden things have been revealed in the past few months, this might feel like a bit of a relief. And while it does give us a break, it doesn’t mean that those secret things aren’t there anymore, just that they’re not quite as visible and on the surface. It’s a good time to catch our collective breath, but we may need to be even more vigilant than usual over the course of the next few months in order not to miss important subtexts.

Today in particular sees a number of challenge aspects: Moon squares Saturn, opposes Venus, and then Mercury. Much of the day may feel like a struggle between art and beauty on the one hand, and our obligations to tradition and the past on the other. This could engender a certain amount of sadness or feelings of isolation. The afternoon could bring about opportunities to break through some communications issues, IF we give it the time and energy; but it won’t be easy.

Tonight starts to calm a bit as Luna flows with dreamy Neptune, making the evening feel like a respite after a challenging day. Take some time for yourself now: take a long bath, write, draw/paint, enjoy quiet time with your loved ones.

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