Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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The Moon flows today with a number of planets, potentially allowing us to flow as well.

This early morning, she contacts Pluto, encouraging us to focus on power issues. For the rest of the day Luna trines Jupiter and Saturn, encouraging us to set up or work on structures that help increase abundance and healing.

At 7:01pm, Luna enters Libra, giving the midweek a social flavor but with a watchful eye, since Libra’s ruler (Venus) is now in Virgo.

Tomorrow’s Sun square to Neptune may inspire feelings of inadequacy, lack of direction, self-deprecation, and a struggle with whether to put others before ourselves. For those engaged in arts and fantasy, this may be a positive couple of days to indulge in feelings of non-reality. Just remember that that’s what it is.

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