Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

The morning is a little gentler overall than yesterday, with no big aspects getting in the way of things.

At 12:32pm, the Moon enters Sagittarius, where she continues to bring up the energy, though with a tendency to scatter it somewhat. She flows nicely with Jupiter (Sag’s ruler) through the afternoon and early evening, making for an overall good-feeling afternoon.

Overnight, however, there is the possibility of some conflict that sparks some anger. The Sun also catches up with Pluto tomorrow morning, so overnight the intensity will likely grow.

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Weekly Context Post:

17 Jan 2023 07:35 Mon Sxt Sun 27°Sc07′ 27°Cp07′

17 Jan 2023 09:26 Mon Sxt Plu 28°Sc11′ 28°Cp11′

17 Jan 2023 12:32 Mon Cnj Sag 00°Sg00′ 00°Sg00′

17 Jan 2023 18:41 Mon Tri Jup 03°Sg35′ 03°Ar35′

18 Jan 2023 02:38 Mon Opp Mar 08°Sg18′ 08°Ge18′

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