Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

The first half of the day may feel fairly calm on some levels, but on others, there may be turbulence below the surface. Intuition may be heightened now. We may be drawn to beauty and harmony now, but strong feelings may keep us from enjoying it fully.

At 6:04pm, the Moon enters Leo, bringing some drama and stubbornness to the middle part of the week.

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Weekly Context Post:

20 Jun 2023 13:23 Mon Tri Nep 27°Cn39′ 27°Pi39′

20 Jun 2023 17:43 Mon Opp Plu 29°Cn49′ 29°Cp49′

20 Jun 2023 18:04 Mon Cnj Leo 00°Le00′ 00°Le00′

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