Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, June 27, 2023

(All times Eastern)

Today should have a fairly gentle feel to it, as the Moon makes nice aspects to Venus and Mars for much of the day. The evening and overnight, however, are times when we may get stuck in our way of seeing things, and emotional tensions and passions are on the rise.

At 4:55am Wednesday, the Moon enters Scorpio, continuing the intense environment through the midweek.

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27 Jun 2023 06:56 Mon Sxt Ven 18°Li24′ 18°Le24′

27 Jun 2023 14:25 Mon Sxt Mar 22°Li19′ 22°Le19′

28 Jun 2023 04:18 Mon Sqr Plu 29°Li40′ 29°Cp40′

28 Jun 2023 04:55 Mon Cnj Sco 00°Sc00′ 00°Sc00′

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