Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The morning invites us to stand out as individuals, and to accept others who do the same. Try some new things. Think and act out of the box.

The first quarter Moon is at 10:48 am, which can cause a little morning tension. Try to flow with changes and let go of what you must.

The afternoon has a fuzzy feel to it, which might leave us feeling a bit out of touch with others and maybe even ourselves. Intuition may be heightened somewhat, but also a touch of paranoia that we shouldn’t let get to us.

Tonight is a good time for chatting and revisiting old business and paperwork. Time to tidy up what’s been hanging around.

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Weekly Context Post:

7 Jun 2022 10:26 Mon Tri Ura 16°Vi39′ 16°Ta39′

7 Jun 2022 10:48 Mon Sqr Sun 16°Vi50′ 16°Ge50′

8 Jun 2022 02:44 Mon Opp Nep 25°Vi20′ 25°Pi20′

8 Jun 2022 05:55 Mon Tri Mer 27°Vi02′ 27°Ta02′

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