Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Early morning has fiesty energy, and it might be a challenge to get going without some obstacles and frustrations. Late morning should ease up a bit.

At 12:01pm, the Moon enters Aries, bringing a bit more fiery energy to the newly entered Spring. The New Moon is at 1:23pm, right as the Sun and Moon reach their highest daily point in the Southern sky. Mercury is right there with them, so hidden or foiled communications and commerce may mark this month. They are also just barely past the square to Mars, so while we may have a lot of new energy now, there are some frustrations we’ll have to deal with on the way to working them out.

Luna catches Mercury tonight, so this whole configuration continues to be active all day and evening.

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Weekly Context Post:

21 Mar 2023 08:54 Mon Sqr Mar 28°Pi06′ 28°Ge06′

21 Mar 2023 11:57 Mon Sxt Plu 29°Pi57′ 29°Cp57′

21 Mar 2023 12:01 Mon Cnj Ari 00°Ar00′ 00°Ar00′

21 Mar 2023 13:23 Mon Cnj Sun 00°Ar49′ 00°Ar49′

21 Mar 2023 21:33 Mon Cnj Mer 05°Ar46′ 05°Ar46′

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