Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

Mars sextiles Uranus today, energizing those of us with planets between 5-15º of most signs. It’s a good time for problem solving, being focused overall, and pushing desired changes.

At 2:59:46 pm, the New Moon in Taurus occurs. This Moon cycle is ruled by Venus (ruler of Taurus) who is currently in Gemini. This can bring a lighter, flirtier energy than normal “Taurus energy.” Venus is not in close aspect to anything else, though she’s in an approaching trine to an almost-benefic Saturn in his own sign Aquarius. It should be a good month overall for playfulness, especially in physical terms. It’s also a good aspect under which to gently start coming out of the Covid bubble, assuming that you are still being safe and following protocols. The Sun & Moon are in a tight sextile to Neptune, so we may still be fairly sensitive; protect yourself as you start to venture forth again. But be open to your dreams and intuition this month, as well.

After midnight, Luna trines Pluto, inviting a pleasant release from tensions this evening.

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