Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The morning brings a mix of aspects that might feel a bit whiplashy to some. The Moon connects nicely with Venus while arguing with Uranus after sunrise, which can make us feel agitated in relationships and our sense of aesthetics. We may lean toward independence and liberation. However Luna is also pretty tightly opposing Saturn, exact later in the morning, throwing down some road blocks and maybe some feelings of isolation. This may be the lingering effect through the afternoon, until this evening when the Moon connuncts nicely with Mercury, which may help to straighten our our brains a bit. But tomorrow night Venus will connect directly with Saturn (trine), so our approach to relationships for the next few days may tend toward the conservative and loyal. It should be a good time for judgment in this area, especially once the Moon gets beyond her early-morning square to Uranus today.

Mercury is just starting to slow down now, preparing to go retrograde on May 29. For a preview, see my post on Patreon.

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