Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Published by chris on

(All times Eastern)

The morning is likely to be fraught with communications issues and problems with details. This frustration can make us want to break free of responsibilities and just throw it all away.

The afternoon sees some more frustrating energies and may see some arguments or disagreements, especially if we let our egos get in the way.

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12 Oct 2021 11:50 Mon Sqr Mer 13°Cp17′ 13°Li17′

12 Oct 2021 12:33 Mon Tri Ura 13°Cp42′ 13°Ta42′

12 Oct 2021 20:26 Mon Sqr Mar 18°Cp17′ 18°Li17′

12 Oct 2021 23:25 Mon Sqr Sun 20°Cp00′ 20°Li00′

13 Oct 2021 01:10 Mon Sxt Nep 21°Cp01′ 21°Pi01′

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