Astrological Almanac for Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The Moon faces off with Mars at dawn today, making the morning routine somewhat harried and frustrating. We may be pushing too hard now and letting others get to us in unhealthy ways. Try not to engage if they’re pissing you off so that you don’t blow up and regret it later.

By noon, things calm down a bit as Luna turns to Saturn to cool things down a bit and refocus.

While the Moon is quiet after that, tomorrow has two planetary aspects that will fill that void. Mercury squares Pluto, bringing intense thoughts and possible arguments. We may see or experience impassioned speech and a fight concerning power dynamics. This is already active and will be through at least Thursday, though it starts to fade by then.

Venus is also moving into an opposition to Uranus, who is inhabiting her own sign Taurus, while she is in exile in Scorpio. The aspect can bring about agitation in our relationships, especially with Venus in jealous Scorpio. She may try to hang on too tightly to what is, rather than be open to what may be (Uranus). If your relationships aren’t stable, this could present a real challenge. Artistically this could be a quite creative, fertile time, but not necessarily an easy one.

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