Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Today is the yearly Venus-Neptune conjunction. The “Disney Princess” aspect, or as I prefer, the “Knight in Shining Armor” aspect. It may be a hopelessly romantic day, but a bit less-than-realistic, so beware. See the Weekly Post for more info.

The morning cooperates with that aspect and is likely to flow nicely without any real(istic) issues.

At 12:09 pm, the Moon enters Aries, which may give some folks a bit of an edge as we experience Venus-Neptune. We may want to play the white knight a bit more than the princess this time around. Indulge yourself either way, but don’t take the day too seriously.

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Weekly Context Post:

27 Apr 2022 07:07 Mon Cnj Jup 27°Pi14′ 27°Pi14′

27 Apr 2022 07:34 Mon Sxt Mer 27°Pi29′ 27°Ta29′

27 Apr 2022 09:35 Mon Sxt Plu 28°Pi35′ 28°Cp35′

27 Apr 2022 12:09 Mon Cnj Ari 00°Ar00′ 00°Ar00′

27 Apr 2022 15:11 Ven Cnj Nep 24°Pi28′ 24°Pi28′

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