Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The day overall looks fairly positive, with a lot of smooth lunar aspects. The morning is generally good, and the afternoon is very good for communications, studying, sales, learning, and all things generally.

The evening may have an overly optimistic feel to it, so take care not to expect too much and not to wear rose-colored glasses. But it’s also potentially a high energy time that would be good for engaging in overall creativity.

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Weekly Context Post:

6 Apr 2022 08:31 Mon Sxt Sun 16°Ge41′ 16°Ar41′

6 Apr 2022 17:56 Mon Sxt Mer 21°Ge20′ 21°Ar20′

6 Apr 2022 20:26 Mon Tri Sat 22°Ge34′ 22°Aq34′

6 Apr 2022 20:41 Mon Sqr Jup 22°Ge42′ 22°Pi42′

6 Apr 2022 22:53 Mon Sqr Nep 23°Ge47′ 23°Pi47′

6 Apr 2022 23:14 Mon Tri Mar 23°Ge57′ 23°Aq57′

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