Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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Issues of independence and unexpected change face off against the instinct to toe the line and comply, and this is likely to dominate the morning. This is probably an uncomfortable time when changes are not welcome, yet there is nothing we can do to stop them. Emotions may run deep and while we can try to hold them down, it might be too much (if this hits your own chart). For many, the classic struggle between old and new, conservative and progressive will confront us. The Moon is triggering the Saturn-Uranus square that was exact last week, extending its influence. We’ll continue to feel this as Luna makes her way around the zodiac, as long as Saturn and Uranus are close to their square (90º separation). While the don’t reach the exact square again, they will dance within a very tight orb off and all for much of the coming year; so each time the Moon goes through fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo), four times a month, we are likely to feel this tension.

While this is going on, Mars and Saturn come together to boost energy levels and help focus. Which of these aspects we feel more strongly will depend heavily on how they configure (or not) to our own charts.

Overnight is generally a good time for self care and dreaming. It’s also a deeply intense mental time, with Mercury catching up to Pluto. See the Weekly Context post for more.

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Weekly Context Post:

29 Dec 2021 10:51 Mon Opp Ura 10°Sc59′ 10°Ta59′

29 Dec 2021 11:58 Mon Sqr Sat 11°Sc39′ 11°Aq39′

29 Dec 2021 19:21 Mar Sxt Sat 11°Sg41′ 11°Aq41′

30 Dec 2021 02:51 Mon Tri Nep 20°Sc38′ 20°Pi38′

30 Dec 2021 04:53 Mer Cnj Plu 25°Cp53′ 25°Cp53′

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