Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The effects of the Mars-Jupiter square are still strong today, since the aspect was exact very early this morning. Try to focus today on physical activity rather than brainy stuff. See the Weekly Context Post for details.

The Moon connects with Mercury tonight in a nice way that may make us feel like we want to do a lot of work with details and intellectual things. Don’t be fooled. The Mercury-Neptune square (exact yesterday) will still make things fuzzy and may even delude us into believing that our thoughts are clearer than they are.

Late night into tomorrow morning has the potential for ramped-up physical energy, and we may spend somewhat of a restless night. If you’re the type who needs physical activity in order to rest, try to get it before late evening so that you can relax better.

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8 Dec 2021 10:56 Mon Sxt Sun 16°Aq46′ 16°Sg46′

8 Dec 2021 21:06 Mon Sxt Mer 22°Aq41′ 22°Sg41′

9 Dec 2021 03:52 Mon Cnj Jup 26°Aq34′ 26°Aq34′

9 Dec 2021 04:59 Mon Sqr Mar 27°Aq12′ 27°Sc12′

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