Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

The early morning favors structure, boundaries, and fulfilling obligations. At 3:11pm the Moon enters her home base of Cancer, increasing intuition and empathy for the next few days. Reaching out on an emotional level is good now.

Tonight and overnight, there is a temptation to overdo things, especially in emotional matters, so try to keep a level balance.

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Weekly Context Post:

1 Feb 2023 06:58 Mon Tri Sat 25°Ge54′ 25°Aq54′

1 Feb 2023 15:11 Mon Cnj Can 00°Cn00′ 00°Cn00′

2 Feb 2023 03:54 Mon Sqr Jup 06°Cn18′ 06°Ar18′

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