Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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The Saturn-Uranus square is exact today, hightening the tension between all sorts of polarities. It’s not that they are facing off directly (as in an opposition). It’s more that they are both going different places and keep running into each other, which makes it impossible to avoid one another. Like two cars speeding through an intersection at right angles that make a crash inevitable. If you can, step back a little from the frustration and tension to try to evaluate where in your life you need to hang on, to structure, tradition, security, stability; and where you need to let go and embrace freedom, innovation, adventure, and progress.

The Moon also conjoins Uranus today which means she also squares Saturn at the same time. This can add a highly emotional element to the scenario.

Later tonight Luna conflicts with Mercury (retrograde), as well, making today NOT the day for clear, logical communications. If at all possible to wait, do so; though sometimes life has to go on despite difficult alignments.

At 5:43 am tomorrow, the Sun enters Pisces, taking the edge slightly off the social focus we’ve had for the past month.

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