Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Mercury turns direct today, beginning their re-tread of Capricorn. Slowly, we should be able to get things done that may have been put on hold, especially in the areas of important communications, sales and business plans, etc.

The Sun also conjoins Pluto today, highlighting passions and deep desires. This is likely to affect the wider world more than individuals unless you have planets in early-mid Capricorn. See the Weekly Post for more.

If you are not directly affected by this, the afternoon and evening should be fairly calm, though the late night could bring strange dreams.

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Weekly Context Post:

18 Jan 2023 08:11 Mer D 08°Cp08′

18 Jan 2023 09:44 Sun Cnj Plu 28°Cp13′ 28°Cp13′

18 Jan 2023 22:05 Mon Sxt Ven 20°Sg03′ 20°Aq03′

19 Jan 2023 03:17 Mon Sqr Nep 23°Sg14′ 23°Pi14′

19 Jan 2023 05:08 Mon Sxt Sat 24°Sg23′ 24°Aq23′

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