Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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A very busy day astrologically. A few hours before dawn, the Moon squares Pluto, marking an extremely intense overnight, and the strong feelings will linger through the morning. This is the feeling in the air at inauguration hour in the capital.

Mars conjoins Uranus today, which is a fairly explosive combination. They rise together near noon, and are exact in the mid-afternoon. See my post on January 2021 for more details.

At 1:55pm the Moon enters Taurus, which will help with some overall stability. The Moon is exalted here, so that may help.

This afternoon, Luna squares the Sun, then Saturn (who will conjoin one another in a few days). This can bring a challenge to issues of obligation and responsibilities. They will be open and evident, but we may lack the tools that we need at the moment to fulfill them.

Overnight, the Moon conjoins the Mars-Uranus conjunction, which will extend the dangerous energies through the rest of the day into the wee hours.

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