Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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(All times Eastern)

The Sun trines Saturn all day today, a good time for focusing on professional goals and long-term planning. See the Weekly Post for more.

The morning can seem a bit out of control, but not necessarily in a bad way. Don’t take on too much. Evening can feel a bit isolating and possibly lonely. Don’t wallow.

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Weekly Context Post:

10 Jul 2024 06:07 Mon Sqr Jup 10°Vi12′ 10°Ge12′

10 Jul 2024 23:04 Sun Tri Sat 19°Cn19′ 19°Pi19′

11 Jul 2024 00:26 Mon Opp Sat 19°Vi19′ 19°Pi19′

11 Jul 2024 00:34 Mon Sxt Sun 19°Vi22′ 19°Cn22′

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