Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Venus-Neptune square is exact after midnight tomorrow morning, so today may not be the clearest day when it comes to relationships and decision-making. Though it could be quite good for art. See the Weekly Post for more.

The morning is also not the greatest for communication. We may be a bit stuck in our own interests, and things may be revealed that we were previously unaware of. The Full Moon is at 2:37pm, and it will be quite large, since the Moon is at her closest to the Earth now.

The night may hold some emotional intensity and strong desires, which could be good if focused correctly.

At 4:13am Thursday, the Moon enters Aquarius, pulling us a bit out of the fog of the last day or two and pushing us to focus a bit more outward on community and others.

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Weekly Context Post:

13 Jul 2022 07:58 Mon Opp Mer 17°Cp07′ 17°Cn07′

13 Jul 2022 09:41 Mon Tri Ura 18°Cp12′ 18°Ta12′

13 Jul 2022 14:37 Mon Opp Sun 21°Cp21′ 21°Cn21′

13 Jul 2022 20:16 Mer Sxt Ura 18°Cn13′ 18°Ta13′

13 Jul 2022 20:56 Mon Sxt Nep 25°Cp22′ 25°Pi22′

14 Jul 2022 00:16 Mon Cnj Plu 27°Cp29′ 27°Cp29′

14 Jul 2022 01:24 Ven Sqr Nep 25°Ge22′ 25°Pi22′

14 Jul 2022 04:13 Mon Cnj Aqu 00°Aq00′ 00°Aq00′

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