Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

We may be guilty of overconfidence and overreaching in generla this morning. Try not to go overboard.The afternoon also brings challenges as the first quarter moon puts a little stress on things. As usual, it’s a time to consider what we may need to let go of, especially smaller projects or details.

Late night starts to ease up a bit, and it’s a better time for relationships and art.

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Weekly Context Post:

6 Jul 2022 09:12 Mon Opp Jup 07°Li54′ 07°Ar54′

6 Jul 2022 22:14 Mon Sqr Sun 14°Li59′ 14°Cn59′

7 Jul 2022 01:53 Mon Tri Ven 16°Li59′ 16°Ge59′

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