Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, March 2, 2021

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Today sees Mercury conjoin Saturn in Aquarius and Mars conjoin Pluto in Capricorn (with Venus joining the latter configuration tomorrow). Because these two signs are side-by-side, they generally are not seen as making an aspect to one another; so each of these configurations is independent of the other, they just happen to be occurring at the same time. However, both signs are ruled by Saturn, who in Aquarius is at his most benevolent and strongest. So even if one of these affects you directly, it’s going to be about as good as could be expected. The entire week is likely to feel pretty intense, even if your chart isn’t directly impacted here. See the Weekly Post for more details.

The New Moon is at 12:34 pm, just after Luna sextiles Uranus and before she conjoins Jupiter. That means that the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter, as well as Neptune, are all in Pisces, which is ruled by – Jupiter. This is a pretty sweet New Moon chart, with no close hard aspects (squares or oppositions). Set for Washington, D.C., all of the Pisces planets are in the 9th house of foreign affairs, which is no surprise. But Jupiter is one of the peacemakers (along with Venus), and he’s highly dignified in his own sign. The Sun is said to “joy” in the 9th house, so there’s an added bonus. There is some hope here that the coming month will see some improvement on the world stage, and should be fairly decent for most folks in their daily lives, as well.

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Weekly Context Post:

2 Mar 2022 11:32 Mer Cnj Sat 18°Aq59′ 18°Aq59′

2 Mar 2022 11:42 Mon Sxt Ura 11°Pi36′ 11°Ta36′

2 Mar 2022 12:34 Mon Cnj Sun 12°Pi06′ 12°Pi06′

2 Mar 2022 16:23 Mon Cnj Jup 14°Pi19′ 14°Pi19′

3 Mar 2022 03:43 Mar Cnj Plu 27°Cp50′ 27°Cp50′

3 Mar 2022 06:37 Mon Cnj Nep 22°Pi29′ 22°Pi29′

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