Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Mars sextiles Uranus today for a potential energy boost. The Sun conjoins Uranus after midnight, making these few days ripe for unexpected announcements, reversals, upsets, etc. See the Weekly Post for more.

The morning starts with some discontinuity between reality and fantasy; we may have a hard time telling fact from fiction.

The afternoon adds the potential to blow things out of proportion somewhat, so take care with your reactions.

At 7:05 pm, the Moon enters her home base of Cancer, where she’ll push us gently toward the sensitive side of things. Intuition may be strong. But late night it may be too strong, or we may be touchy, as she squares Venus in Aries, which might send off sparks of many different kinds.

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4 May 2022 07:50 Mon Tri Sat 24°Ge27′ 24°Aq27′

4 May 2022 08:15 Mon Sqr Nep 24°Ge39′ 24°Pi39′

4 May 2022 11:46 Mar Sxt Ura 14°Pi45′ 14°Ta45′

4 May 2022 16:36 Mon Sqr Jup 28°Ge46′ 28°Pi46′

4 May 2022 19:05 Mon Cnj Can 00°Cn00′ 00°Cn00′

5 May 2022 00:56 Mon Sqr Ven 02°Cn53′ 02°Ar53′

5 May 2022 03:21 Sun Cnj Ura 14°Ta47′ 14°Ta47′

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