Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Today is the exact conjunction between Mercury and Mars, and the both exactly square Saturn, and tonight the Moon will conjoin Saturn as well (squaring Mercury/Mars). See the Weekly Context post for details. But in addition to what’s there, I’ll add that this could feel like we’re in a hurry but can’t go anywhere. Mars speeds things up, so Mercury may be affected by stumbling over our words, by the brain working faster than the mouth, by thinking so fast that we confuse ourselves. Saturn slows things down, but the conjunction to Mars is going to be more direct and impactful to Mercury than the square to Saturn.

Mars wants to break through, but Saturn wants to block. Both planets are in their preferred signs, so this is a battle between professional warriors. Things should start to ease later tonight, but until then, the stress levels could be pretty high.

Weekly Context Post:

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10 Nov 2021 07:56 Mer Cnj Mar 07°Sc22′ 07°Sc22′

10 Nov 2021 10:54 Mon Sqr Mar 07°Aq27′ 07°Sc27′

10 Nov 2021 11:08 Mon Sqr Mer 07°Aq35′ 07°Sc35′

10 Nov 2021 11:14 Mon Cnj Sat 07°Aq39′ 07°Aq39′

10 Nov 2021 12:04 Mer Sqr Sat 07°Sc39′ 07°Aq39′

10 Nov 2021 18:13 Mar Sqr Sat 07°Sc40′ 07°Aq40′

10 Nov 2021 19:45 Mon Sqr Ura 12°Aq32′ 12°Ta32′

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