Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Sun and Venus, which are growing ever closer, both square Pluto today, bringing likely challenges to power structures in all relationships. It’s also a time when there may be challenging news about issues affecting women and fertility. See the Weekly Post for more.

In the meantime, the Moon triggers the almost-exact Saturn-Uranus square again, making more challenges and bringing difficulties with balancing the old and the new, the solid and the ephemeral.

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Weekly Context Post:

19 Oct 2022 09:33 Sun Sqr Plu 26°Li08′ 26°Cp08′

19 Oct 2022 12:17 Mon Sqr Ura 17°Le44′ 17°Ta44′

19 Oct 2022 13:59 Mon Opp Sat 18°Le35′ 18°Aq35′

20 Oct 2022 02:02 Ven Sqr Plu 26°Li08′ 26°Cp08′

20 Oct 2022 02:23 Mon Sxt Mar 24°Le52′ 24°Ge52′

20 Oct 2022 05:12 Mon Sxt Ven 26°Le18′ 26°Li18′

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