Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Moon spends nearly all day heading to conjoin Uranus, and then square Saturn. This is likely to bring some real emotional agitation, especially in areas that least like it (Taurus). Though the Saturn and Uranus square doesn’t come exact again, they are running very close to it, so four times a month, the Moon will be triggering this these days, making for weekly frustrations.

Overnight Luna and the Sun flow pretty nicely, so if you’re up late or on the Left Coast, your late night should be a nice time, and then dreaming should be good before dawn.

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Weekly Context Post:

14 Sep 2022 18:33 Mon Cnj Ura 18°Ta44′ 18°Ta44′

14 Sep 2022 20:29 Mon Sqr Sat 19°Ta44′ 19°Aq44′

15 Sep 2022 01:30 Mon Tri Sun 22°Ta22′ 22°Vi22′

15 Sep 2022 04:47 Mon Sxt Nep 24°Ta04′ 24°Pi04′

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