Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

Mars entered Libra last night at 8:13. This marks about a 6 week period where the god of war has to try to act like the goddess of love. It’s not a great fit, and he’s often uncomfortable here. We may find ourselves frustrated more than usual and having to play the peacemaker when we’d rather just punch someone. Try to find ways to release the tension constructively.

This morning the Moon and Uranus team up to inspire some puckish behavior, and we’ll want to stand out a bit, but not too much. Listen to the wild ideas now, there may be something to them.

Later today, Luna picks a bit of a fight with Mercury as she cooperates with Neptune. The result of this is an afternoon and evening that may be full of confusion or fantasy. It’s not a good time to nail down important details.

Overnight the Moon and Sun flow nicely to balance energies and provide an overall feeling of well being.

Now through Friday, the Sun’s trine to Pluto may inspire strong feelings, especially about power and justice issues. During the same time, Venus and Saturn square off and may make our relationships and sense of belonging feel somewhat off-balance, sparking potential moments of feeling isolated.

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